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Here is a case study done by Chiduzie Ezedebaego a student at UNBC, for his masters degree. 

you can downlodd the whole study here. 


Here are some quotes from some of the participants of the study:

"…. If there is one thing I have to say about this thing; I am grateful for the guy for 

referring me to this program. He did it and he said hey, this is one of the things I would 
refer to other people. I think this program should be expanded and made available in 
most communities, if we can find the skills and the financial resources to make it happen. 
I think the government really, my recommendation, my yearning is that the government 
of British Columbia should be financing this; I think it got such familiarity in our society. 
They use government finance and do all kinds of crazy stuff with public money. This 
should be an immeasurable service to the community."
"It's more than worth it, they should invest more. Maybe you can, like Tom said you can 
never deny someone, you might plant a seed, it might take years, but you can never say 
no I don’t think you should be suited for this, everybody should be given the opportunity 
to change."




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