Accountability: This can be the most difficult part of the program, as participants will often resist this assignment.  The participants are required to write out their “Most Violent Episode”.  They are give guideline on how to write it.  If a person has difficulties writing, one of the facilitators will assist him.  The participants then read out their episodes to the rest of the group.  The group members are also given a homework assignment at this time.  They are asked to write out a “Letter of Responsibility”.  This letter is written to someone they have hurt.  It does not have to be to the same person they wrote about in the episode.  Whether give the letter to the person they are writing about is up to the participant.  Guidelines on how to write the letter are given out.  The letter will also be read out to the group.  We find that most participants feel a great sense relief and freedom after completing this assignment. Participants read out their letters of responsibilities.  Facilitators debrief & give feedback.

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